Musical Instrument Rental

Musical Instrument Rental (Rent to Buy)

If you’re starting music lessons you really need to have an instrument at home
to practice on. Improvement comes from practicing a little every day.
If you are worried about spending lots of money to start with then rental might be the best option for

Renting a musical instrument doesn’t mean throwing your money away, quite
the opposite actually. We offer a ‘rent to buy programme’ where you can pay a small amount of money
monthly with the advantage of your rental payments coming off the price of the instrument. To take maximum
advantage of the scheme and get all the rental payments back, you will need to buy your musical instrument within 6

           Piano and Keyboard Rental
Guitar Rental

Instrument Rental FAQ’s

How much do you have to pay initially?
Deposit (10% of the
Instrument’s selling price)
1st month’s rental
Delivery charge (if applicable)

How can you pay?
Credit or debit cards, cash, or cheque

What identification is required?
A copy of either your passport or driving licence
An original utility bill.

Renting a musical instrument is

1) Call 020 8367 2080 or email

2) We listen to what you want then advice the
right instrument for you
3) We send you the rental forms by post or fax. You can also print them off this site. (See below)
4) You fill out and return the rental forms
5) We deliver your instrument

What forms do you have to fill in?

Musical Instrument Rental Prices

Cello rental  from £25 per month
Clarinet rental  from £15 per month
Digital piano rental  from £25 per month
Drum rental  from £25 per month
Flute rental  from £15 per month
Guitar rental  from £8 per month
Keyboard rental  from £15 per month
Piano rental  from £20 per month
Saxophone rental  from £30 per month
Trombone Rental  from £30 per month
Trumpet rental  from £15 per month
Violin rental  from £12 per month

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