Classical Guitars For Sale

Classical Guitars For Sale

Browse through a selection of classical (also known as traditional or Spanish guitars). Choose from 3 sizes: 1/2 size, 3/4 and full size. ALL classical guitars on this website are strung with nylon strings.

Most guitar teachers recommend learning the correct techniques on a classical guitar before moving on to an acoustic or electric. The main reason for this is because the strings on classical guitars are nylon instead of steel and are much easier on the fingers. There is nothing that will put the beginner off more than having sore fingers after their first lesson! See pictures below of the classical guitars available for sale on this website.

Most popular question

Q/ What is the difference between an acoustic and a classical guitar?

A/ A classical guitar has nylon strings and an acoustic guitar has steel strings. Also the classical guitar has a lighter and smaller body and is much easier to learn on. Much less pain on the fingers!

Full Size Guitars (4/4)

Classenti ECG-3959N Full Size Classical Guitar (Ideal for beginners!) – With nylon strings