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Classenti 3/4 Electric Guitar

If your child is under the age of 14, you probably want to buy a 3/4 size electric guitar. Three quarter size guitars are a little shorter than the full size versions and will be much more comfortable for your child.

Can't I just buy a normal electric guitar?

If your child is around 13 or 14 and they are tall for their age, then yes - otherwise, it will be a stretch for them and may affect their playing technique.

Start your child off correctly and buy them a 3/4 size electric guitar. Learning guitar is difficult enough for children when they are complete beginners - why make it a struggle for them with the wrong size guitar?

BEG003BK Classenti 3/4 Size Electric Guitar




5 Year Warranty



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(Check out the 3/4 size electric guitar pack below).

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3/4 size black electric guitar with white pick guard. Suitable for children/young teenagers that find the full size guitar a bit of a stretch. The Classenti BEG-003 3/4 sized electric guitar was inspired by the Fender Stratocaster. Beautifully carved maple neck, solid wood body, rosewood fingerboard, 5 way pickup selector, whammy bar, volume control knob and 2 tone adjustment knobs. Sound like the pop or rock stars without breaking the bank!

Delivery quality check and securely pack all guitars before dispatch. All electric guitars are fully insured by our delivery company.

You can call us on 020 8367 2080 if you have a query, or if you wish to track your delivery.

You also get:

 Guitar lead to connect to your amp


 Whammy bar


 Tool kit


 5 year warranty

 60 day return policy


Colour: Black
Dimensions: Length 88 cm, Width 30.5 cm, Depth 4 cm
Packing Box: 91 cm x 41 cm x 8 cm

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 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Gig Bag



In stock. Guitar bag delivered to you within 2 working days



Practice Amp (10 watts)



In stock. Guitar bag delivered to you within 2 working days







Classenti 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Pack


  5 Year Warranty

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  • 10 Watt amplifier
  • Guitar stand
  • Black guitar strap
  • 10 x plectrums
  • 3 x pick holders
  • 2 extra sets of strings (12 strings in total)
  • Gig bag
  • Capo
  • Headphones
  • Electronic guitar tuner
  • Whammy Bar
  • Guitar to Amp Lead
  • Tool Kit

The most comprehensive 3/4 size guitar pack around!

Availability: Out of stock.

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